Scrubber DriersLe lavasciuga TASKI sono l'apice dell'<strong>eccellenza nella pulizia e della produttività</strong>.

Operational efficiency

All TASKI ULTIMAXX & swingo scrubber driers drive out unproductive time. Intuitive controls, self adjusting squeegee and easy to clean yellow maintenance points all add up to more available cleaning time. With the all new ULTIMAXX range go further fully customize with IntelliTouch, IntelliZone and even a TWISTER button for unparalleled productivity. Never before has cleaning excellence and the ultimate in efficiency been made so easy to achieve.

People & safety

TASKI ULTIMAXX & swingo scrubbers are ergonomically designed for the user. Ergonomic & fully adjustable handle or steering wheel means comfort is assured. ULTIMAXX IntelliTouch is an intuitive touchscreen dashboard with common icons meaning little training is needed. Where training is required users can connect to a suite of support tools including the ability to watch videos and access interactive applications. Choose ULTIMAXX and opt for EBU (electronic brush lifting unit) and no need to touch brushes or pad drives. Choose Intelliscrub and pressure pressure and be precisely judged. For complete customization choose IntelliZone to set all parameters perfectly for first time cleaning every time


TASKI ULTIMAXX Performance & swingo power models feature IntelliFlow for more m2 covered on a single tank fill. IntelliFlow with IntelliDose can reduce water and chemical consumption by over 70%.

Working capital optimisation

With up to 3 x times faster charging IntelliPowered ULTIMAXX & swingo scrubber driers are always available when conventional batteries are still on charge. Meaning a second machine may not be needed. Choose the all new ULTIMAXX with IntelliScrub and extend yet further your battery autonomy. Up to 70% longer. Now that’s real return on investment.

Total cost of ownership

TASKI ULTIMAXX and swingo scrubber driers are designed and engineered to drive out cost at very stage of ownership. Careful selection means less unproductive time and less downtime. Intelligent solutions use less energy, water and chemical. Lower maintenance costs are delivered through less frequent visits and fewer breakdowns. Machines engineered to last need to be replaced less frequently. With all new ULTIMAXX the fully connected digital ecosystem and IntelliTouch dashboard along with IntellTrail 2.0 & IntelliPredict means downtime is a thing of the past. Now your machine should never be out of the game. This all adds up to TASKI’s lowest total cost of ownership and your lowest total cost to clean.

Cost control

TASKI Service Options minimise downtime, fix costs and will extend the life of your ULTIMAXX or swingo scrubber drier.
With ULTIMAXX choose IntelliPredict and get access to state-of-the-art electronic technology, connecting and controlling all electronic parts like motors, pumps and chargers. ULTIMAXX will fundamentally change the landscape to a proactive uptime management model with predictive component management. Take advantage and save typically 25% on your repair bills.

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