IntelliTrail 2.0A giant technological leap forwards for fleet management, machine insight, remote service and software updates.

IntelliTrail 2.0 – next generation telemetry

New generation

This next generation of technology records, stores and communicates many data points during operation. This leads to a new to the world proactive uptime management with predicative maintenance.
Understanding the use and operation of a fleet allows for better insight, better informed changes which ultimately lead to better performance.

Fully integrated

IntelliTrail 2.0 is now fully integrated into the machine electronics and allows much more valuable information about machine health and battery status. Over time, combined with service history and other data sets, customers can understand the use and operation of their machine fleet in a way that has never been available.

Predictive Service

IntelliTrail 2.0 is our new hub for service. You can see the service history and request service.
IntelliTrail 2.0 knows when something is broken or about to break. In combination with the new service offerings, TASKI can provide service before the machine breaks, thus preventing valuable machine downtime.
We also know which part will need replacement when, reducing the overall number of required service visits.

Embedded (Remote) Service

Remotely knowing what might be wrong is a game changer. We can fix issues together with you over IntelliSupport and eliminate a service visit and prevent downtime.
Plus, in case we need to visit, we know exactly what parts to bring and how long the repair will take.

Better Battery Monitoring

Batteries are oftentimes the first components that require attention because they are incorrectly charged. IntelliTrail 2.0 gives you an early warning if charges are constantly interrupted so that you are able to improve it before the battery is irrepealably damaged.
Reducing your overall battery spent and downtime.

Over-the-air Updates

IntelliTrail 2.0 enables over the air firmware updates that increase the machines performance and safety even years after you purchased it. Stay up to date with seamless updates!

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