Sustainability doesn’t
only mean Green,
at TASKI it’s Orange.

With a responsible manufacturing process, sustainable product design and a sustainable supply chain.

Sustainability is at the heart
of everything
we do. It comes
natural to us in TASKI.

This is implicit in how TASKI has always seen the world and how we undertake our responsibilities. It’s explicit in the optimal performance of our machines, which routinely reduce utility consumption of water, chemicals, consumables and energy.

Sustainable product design.
Designed to use less resources.

A sustainable machine is a super efficient machine, which used the minimal resources to be manufactured and continues to use resources sparing through it's working life

Responsible Manufacturing

Five key areas:
1. Efficient production processes
2. Reduced energy consumption
3. Recycling at every stage
4. Elimination of hazardous substances
5. Reduced air pollution

Sustainable procurement and supply chain

Six key areas:
1. Local suppliers to reduce carbon miles/kms
2. Establish robust raw material sourcing policies to minimise environmental impact
3. Consideration to recycled and renewable content at every stage
4. Drive out excess weight & excess packaging
5. Energy efficient transport vehicles
6. Reduced energy for heating & lighting. Superior insulation.

Optimal machine performance

Four key areas:
1. Intelligent solution technologies that reduced utility consumption
2. Efficient lithium batteries & smart chargers
3. Latest and most efficient & digital motors
4. Low maintenance & reduced visits

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