Operational efficiency

Why walk when you can ride? With labour over 80% of your cost to clean the swingo stand-ons will reduce labour by as much as 30% compared to walk behinds.
TASKI swingo scrubber driers drive out unproductive time. Self adjusting squeegee, on-board charger and easy to clean yellow maintenance points all add up to more available cleaning time.
Add a Service Station 300 and you can reduce time to refill by 90%.

People & Safety

The TASKI ride-on range features a host of user sensitive controls for safety, ergonomics and comfort. The swingo ride-ons combines big performance but with all wheel steering has all the control needed for safe navigation.
The simple, icon based dashboard is intuitive. Common icons means little training is needed between machine models.

Cost control

TASKI Service Options minimise downtime, fix costs and will extend the life of your swingo scrubber drier. Take advantage and save typically 25% of your repair bills.

Total cost of ownership

TASKI swingo scrubber driers are designed and engineered to drive out cost at very stage of ownership. Careful selection means less unproductive time and less downtime. Intelligent solutions use less energy, water and chemical. Lower maintenance costs are delivered through less frequent visits and fewer breakdowns. Machines engineered to last need to be replaced less frequently. This all adds up to a lower TASKI cost of ownership.


The swingo power models feature IntelliFlow for more m2 covered on a single tank fill. IntelliFlow with IntelliDose can reduce water and chemical consumption by over 70%.

Working capital optimisation

Knowledge is powerful, TASKI puts you in control. TASKI's IntelliTrail advanced fleet management with telemetry gives deep insights into a machine's usage, geo-location, charging frequency as well as collision or damage. IntelliTrail provides you with the tools and capabilities to re-engineer you machine and cleaning processes by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and advanced analytics.

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