Scrubber drier & vacuum HEPA FiltersTASKI High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters improve filtration to even higher standards and help improve indoor air quality (IAQ).

HEPA Filters – for improved indoor air quality

Key Features

• Improved Air Quality (IAQ)
• Superior filtration levels
• Removes microscopic particulates.
• Suitable for hospitals, nurseries & hotels where IAQ is critical

Indoor air quality (IAQ) matters

With TASKI vacuums and scrubber driers we can all breathe easy. Optional High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) improve filtration to even higher standards. Symptoms of poor IAQ can include - Headache, Fatigue, Nausea, Dizziness, Eye, throat, lung irritation. TASKI HEPA Filters can help improve IAQ.

Superior filtration levels

Vacuum cleaners and scrubber driers remove soilage through suction. The air is expelled back into the environment. Preventing soilage particles from being redistributed back into the environment is an obvious necessity. TASKI HEPA Filters deliver better filtration, this, in turn, contributes towards improved IAQ.

Removes microscopic particulates

TASKI HEPA filters can be relied on to capture pollen, fungal spores, bacteria and other microscopic particulates. TASKI AERO and ULTIMAXX HEPA Filters reliably filters 99.95 % of all particles larger than 0.3 µm. TASKI HEPA H13 Filters achieve HEPA H13 EN1822-1:2009.

Suitable for hospitals, nurseries & hotels where IAQ is critical

In industries such as healthcare, IAQ is a well-known issue but more sectors and individual businesses are evaluating their IAQ for both guests and employees. Many of us suffer from hay fever in summer but for some individuals, poor IAQ can radically affect their quality of life. TASKI HEPA Filters are a low-cost option that will contribute to improved IAQ.

HEPA Filter replacement best practice

The frequency of replacement should always default to local protocols such as infection control guidelines in acute healthcare or local industry guidelines. In the absence of such protocols, TASKI recommend under normal conditions to change the HEPA filter at intervals of a minimum of once every 10 x bags or 6 months whichever is soonest.*
*If the vacuum bag is split or not sealed correctly the HEPA filter should be replaced immediately.

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