TASKI and ISS achieve significant energy and CO2 reductions

TASKI recognises ISS’ outstanding energy savings in special presentation.

TASKI, the manufacturer of the ultimate cleaning machines, presented ISS with a special 100,000th edition TASKI AERO Plus vacuum in a ceremony at ISS headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. The presentation was in recognition of the company’s outstanding achievement and commitment to sustainability. The special ISS-branded machine will be displayed in the reception area marking the significant contribution ISS has made to reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

A partnership of sustainable cleaning excellence
Joseph Nazareth, Head of Group HSEQ & CR at ISS, stated: “ISS is pleased to accept this award from TASKI. As a company we have identified that our long-term success is dependent on balancing social, environmental and economic factors, which places sustainability at the heart of our operations. TASKI has been an excellent choice of partner to help us achieve these aims, not least because of the outstanding energy efficiency of the TASKI AERO, but also due to our shared values. The TASKI AERO vacuum fits perfectly with our guiding principles of delivering best value to our customers. Our partnership is based on a mutual commitment to the pursuit of cleaning excellence through a process of continual service improvement.”

Achieving challenging sustainability targets
As one of the world’s largest facility management service providers, ISS is globally recognised as a leader in cleaning services – one of the core components of its integrated Facilities Management. The company is engaged in a rigorous process aimed at reducing its carbon footprint. Having achieved its 2022 reduction target well ahead of time, ISS has set new, even more challenging targets. ISS identifies
the procurement of sustainable products and services as a key element in achieving these sustainability goals.

TASKI – Delivering ‘real world’ reductions
The TASKI AERO’s state-of-the-art vacuum technology and super-efficient motor delivers ‘real world’ benefits that are tangible and measurable. These are minimising ISS’s impact on the environment by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The maximum power consumption of the TASKI AERO is 585 watts – one of the lowest available on the market – and this energy efficiency delivers an increased ROI that’s achieved without any loss of performance. The machine’s Eco mode button offers a more sustainable choice, reducing motor consumption by 50% to save money and work ultra-silently. The TASKI AERO also more than doubles the 500 hour minimum lifetime expectation of a vacuum motor.

The substantial savings the TASKI AERO Plus achieved for ISS and its clients over a three-year period – based solely on its purchases of TASKI AERO 8/15 Plus models (with Eco mode) – corresponds to CO2 emission reduction which is equivalent to 1499 passenger vehicles driven for one year. Noise pollution In addition, the TASKI AERO Plus models have one of the lowest noise levels. At 50db when on eco mode, this level of noise cannot be heard over normal conversation and is similar to the background noise in a typical library. At 30% lower than the industry average, the TASKI AERO delivers a significant reduction in indoor noise pollution. This means better working conditions for ISS staff and less intrusion for ISS clients.

Always Exceeding Expectations
Lawrence Osborne, Global Portfolio Manager TASKI FCM
explained : “This deserved award to ISS underlines that integrating the TASKI AERO Plus into your existing cleaning services is a seamless process, with benefits superior to any other comparable machine on the market. TASKI and ISS have much in common. We are both pioneers in the cleaning industry; we both aim to exceed expectations – and we both aim to set the standards that others can only follow. Like us they like to go the extra mile to reduce their client’s costs. “The TASKI AERO Plus contributes to peace of mind, while ultimately providing a more productive working environment that also induces well-being and job satisfaction. Conclusively delivering sustainable, quality cleaning together with substantial savings is a game-changer. It’s a positive factor for tenders and renewals – and in assuring compliance. All of which makes TASKI the ultimate cleaning machine and the best choice available for anyone aiming to achieve truly sustainable cleaning.”

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