Carpets and fabric surfaces need frequent cleaning and maintenance.
TASKI experts are here to help with best practice and advice on the best products for your carpets & fabrics.

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80% of soilage enters a building through  its entrance. Never forget the importance of entrance matting. For cleaning excellence always choose a TASKI upright vacuum cleaner, the combination of vacuum and mechanical brush action is superior.

For safety and productivity for stairs and transport cleaning chose a TASKI backpack vacuum.

HEPA Filters

Best practice is to use TASKI HEPA H13 Filters which improve indoor air quality and filter out 99.95% of tiny particles and pollutants.

Intermediate cleaning

TASKI procarpet encapsulation uses dry foam to clean carpets without leaving carpets wet and rooms out of action. Dry in less than 1hr TASKI encapsulation is the perfect method perfect for entrances, corridors and traffic lanes when ever needed or part of a regular cleaning programme throughout the year. Dry foam using TASKI Foam generator and TASKI ergodisc with carpet skimming pads can also be used to lightly clean the top surface of carpets and is dry in minutes.

Periodic cleaning

TASKI procarpet machines are also used for cold water extraction deep  shampooing of carpets and some robust fabrics. TASKI Dry Steam cleaner deliver high pressure high temperature steam for well proven cleaning & sanitising. TASKI ergodisc & foam generators can also be used with a TASKI dry foam shampoo and a soft shampoo brush for deep pile cleaning
where extraction is not possible.

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