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Current Trends & Best Practice

Mega Trends:

COVID-19 Pandemic
At TASKI we have created a set of communication materials to help you deal with the cleaning & hygiene challenges together we face from the recent pandemic. Download our best practice documents below and browse our other pages within Expert Advice for details on indoor air quality dealing with carpets. Check out our award winning IntelliSpray, BP 15 Sprayer and Steam Cleaners new tools in the fight against COVID-19.

Reduce operating cost
To reduce the cost of cleaning, cleaning processes are going through a transformation. New contracts often require cost sharing with the end customer. TASKI’s expertise and innovations are designed to deliver significant & measurable savings.

Results orientated cleaning
There is a transformation in the industry into more flexible spot cleaning or less frequent cleaning as buildings are used less or differently. TASKI’s expertise and innovations such as IntelliTrail and SmartView provide the tools to help you make this change.

Mechanisation of cleaning
Mechanisation make sense for everyone. However even the smallest machines must still offer the simplicity, convenience and agility of mopping. TASKI’s range of micro lithium battery scrubber driers mean that everyone can now transition away from mopping.

Automated cleaning
Scarcity and labour cost of labour, aging population are main drivers for automatizing in future. Automation will also influence the complete industry model. TASKI has led this revolution in the cleaning industry.

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