ServiceTASKI-Servicepakete sind darauf ausgelegt, <strong>optimale Maschinenleistung</strong> zu gewährleisten und <strong>geringste Gesamtbetriebskosten (TCO) zu liefern.</strong>


TASKI-Servicepakete gewährleisten eine optimale Leistung während und nach der Garantiezeit Ihrer TASKI-Maschine.

Der Antrieb hinter Serviceverträgen besteht darin, die niedrigsten Gesamtbetriebskosten (TCO) über die Lebensdauer Ihrer TASKI-Maschine zu liefern.
Wählen Sie je nach Risikograd zwischen Bronze, Silber und Gold. Für absolute Sicherheit wählen Sie Gold.

TASKI Intellitrail bietet eine 24/7-Sichtbarkeit der Maschinenressourcen.

Wir erzielen die niedrigsten Gesamtbetriebskosten, indem wir die Kosten in jeder Phase des Eigentums senken.

Das Herzstück von TASKI Service ist TASKI Intellitrail.

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Service Plans

Machine purchase cost is just the tip of the ownership iceberg.  Unlike other manufacturers we work hard to minimise your service costs. At TASKI we look to squeeze out cost at all stages of ownership. Our machines are designed to need the absolute minimum of service. Yellow maintenance points and tool-less accessories all mean operatives can keep their machines working without engineer visits. Technologies such as our IntelliTrail telemetry feature smart programmes to reduce the number of visits and the latest is predictive maintenance to help prevent costly breakdowns.

Choose from our Bronze, Silver or Gold Service Plans depending upon your level of risk comfort or budget constraints. Our service plans will save you up to 25% compared to you if have no contracted provision for planned service, emergency breakdowns, spare parts and replacement batteries. This does not include the cost to you of your downtime and the likely safety risk.

Customers with TASKI Service Plans enjoy:
1. Priority emergency response.
2. Generous discounts on all spare parts.
3. Attractive prices for replacement batteries.

Bronze** – a single annual service visit. Includes travel, service labour & safety check. A low cost way to keep your smaller machines safe and in good working order. Ideal for small cable machines such as vacuums and single disc machines. Alternatively for your single sites with large numbers of small TASKI machines ask for a day or half day rate or even a bespoke quotation.

Silver* – inclusive of all parts & labour. Includes planned service visit/s and emergency breakdown visits. Also includes all parts used within both service & breakdown visits. Flexible from 1 to 5 years. Ideal for more complex medium machines such as carpet cleaners, small scrubber driers and sweepers.

Gold* – fully inclusive of all parts, labour & batteries. Truly an fully inclusive plan our Gold Plans add faster response times and significantly include replacement batteries and chargers for the period of the contract. Designed for the battery and larger scrubber driers and sweepers. Options include IntellItrail and IntelliPower plans for even lower total cost of ownership. For complete peace of mind and guaranteed fix costs, choose Gold.

At TASKI we don’t want you to pay more than you need to but choosing no service plan can work out very costly.

* Does not include misuse or abuse.
** Does not include pare parts or emergency breakdown cover.
For more information download our Service Plan Brochure

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