TASKI AERO – The Silent Revolution

Day Time Cleaning – a Revolution, or an Inevitable Evolution for the Industry?

The changing face of cleaning
Cleaners frequently leave their jobs. There has long been an inevitability about that statement when describing the professional cleaning industry. A high turnover of cleaning staff has been as certain as the daily build-up of dust and grime that makes their jobs essential to begin with. Many, both inside and outside the cleaning industry, highlight the anti-social working hours as the main driver of this perennial problem.

Is day time cleaning right for you and your staff? Do I have the technology to transform to DTC?

The political factor
With governments looking to bridge the gap between the poorly paid and the costs of providing a minimum living wage, pressure is growing upon service providers to balance their increasing labour costs and the willingness of their clients to pay.
The TASKI AERO range offers unlimited configurations for cleaning, whether in general areas, open plan offices, call centres or circulation areas.  Open plan spaces (69% operate mainly open plan) and hot-desking (10% – but 23% in France) are also key trends. A total of 69% think their offices promote employee wellbeing.⁵ The TASKI AERO BP is the perfect solution to maintaining these areas – and all other modern concepts for productive workspaces – by providing performance with exceptional filtration that delivers excellent indoor air quality.

The economic factor
By 2025, the global outsourced market in Facility Management services will be worth $1 trillion (US).⁶ Pressure from labour scarcity and greater mobility means unsociable working hours are even less attractive for a workforce with more options to choose from. Productivity is key, and with the TASKI AERO’s new battery technology there is no requirement for a cable so your cleaning staff enjoy improved flexibility, agility and speed in carrying out all of their tasks, thereby saving on electric costs.

The social factor
Working within the day time or normal working hours offers employees many social benefits. In particular, lower travel costs, greater security and greater engagement with fellow employees and client employees. Cleaning in the daytime also allows mothers to work whilst their children are at school and within normal social hours, for a good quality of life.

The technological factor
New challenges, pressure on time and a drive for even greater productivity mean companies are actively seeking new technology that can provide them with a total solution. Technologies such as Smart Cleaning and TASKI IntelliTrail telemetry – part of Diversey’s cloud connected Internet of Clean – means employers can now have complete visibility on employee attendance, compliance and full asset tracking remotely, for twenty-four hours a day.
The TASKI AERO range is the answer to the challenges you face now and in the future, and with its patented Whisper motor technology which has reinvented the vacuum motor design to set a new standard – with one of the most efficient vacuum cleaners in the professional market. Benefits include the TASKI AERO BP’s Lithium battery technology, which further enhances the speed of cleaning delivery, safety and resource savings, while future-proofing ensures you will be able to continue to achieve the responses you require to make a success of DTC.

The environmental factor
Companies providing cleaning services are facing growing pressure to align their commercial, social and environmental practices. The advantage for cleaning service companies that hold true to reduced energy consumption is that they are able to prove the efficiency of their environmental practices during green public procurement tenders. With this established, they are more likely to demonstrate their commitment to the well-being and safety of their employees and in enjoying the advantages of DTC.
The TASKI AERO’s Whisper patented motor and smart airflow design is ultra-efficient and is defining the benchmark for vacuum efficiency while adding value. Using the TASKI AERO can reduce 100kg of C02 emissions compared to the outgoing TASKI model and is superior to competitor products. Over twelve months the TASKI AERO can save over 40 Euros in energy costs compared to the outgoing TASKI product. Over three years the energy saving will have more than paid for a new machine. Overall, you can be confident you’re helping the environment by lowering your energy use and reducing your carbon footprint and environmental stress, to answer a key requirement that is driving the move to

The TASKI AERO range is the best available vacuum choice to satisfy the many expectations of DTC. It has the capability to meet both current DTC needs and those of the immediate future, while advancing business profitability in a cleaning industry now governed by increasingly different operational priorities.

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