A new era in floor cleaning is here

In a world demanding even higher standards of hygiene you have to work harder to impress your customers, guests and patients whilst safeguarding your brand.

However wet floors are a serious risk. Slips and falls as the result of wet or dirty floors and the risk of contamination spread from unclean mops and buckets are a serious threat. Unless mops are thoroughly laundered at high temperature or disposed of, microorganisms can quickly multiply. This is often a hidden problem. Bad odours from mops are a clear sign of a hygiene risk. Dirty floors and bad odours are usually indicative of poor standards, higher safety risks and high risk of poor compliance. Your guests, diners, patients constantly make decisions based on their assessments.

First impressions count. What do your floors tell your customers about your business?

If you agree up until now that mopping has had its time, it means it is time for us to introduce our new exciting TASKI swingo 250µicro to you.
The swingo 250µicro is a lightweight, mobile, micro scrubber that delivers exceptional cleaning performance. Simple and easy to use like a mop but that’s where the similarity ends.

How the swingo 250µicro can help your business.

1) Improves your customer experience
2) Protects your brand
3) Protects people and ensures safety


The swingo 250 delivers better cleaning three ways:


More cleaning pressure from cleaning brushes and pads agitates even ground in soilage. A powerful vacuum removes soiled water leaving floors dry.
More soilage removed means less microorganisms to pose a hygiene risk. Clean dry floors a barren place for germs.
More water removed thanks to the swingo 250µicro’s digital vacuum motor leaves floors perfectly dry. Dry floors are simply safer.

In short the swingo 250µicro delivers visually cleaner, more hygienic and safer floors. All in one single pass with no waiting for floors to dry. Cleaner drier floors stay cleaner for longer.…

And there is more!

The swingo 250µicro also removes the need for harsh chemicals used in manual cleaning that can damage the environment, expensive floors and impact human health.

Those businesses transitioning from mopping also benefit from a reduction in drying time and repeat cleans. Which also means reduction in total cost to clean through lower labour cost.

User friendly design and features such as easy access to recovery tanks, easy to clean maintenance points and tool free accessories all adding up to a higher frequency of cleaning and superior hygiene.

AT TASKI sustainability doesn’t have to be green, it orange. The new swingo 250µicro’s super-efficient water distribution means water and associated chemicals are saved every year. 

It also uses the latest digital motors and LI-Ion battery technology for less energy consumed, longer running time and quicker charging times. The swingo 250µicro isn’t just a more efficient answer, it’s also a more sustainable solution.

Welcome to the world of the TASKI swingo 250µicro, now every business can achieve professional floor cleaning results.

Now that’s good business.

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