Diversey-TASKI announces new global partnership with Gausium, collectively disrupting the market with robotics technology around the world.
July 28 2022 - By Nihan Sevinc Coskun
It’s one of the most efficient indoor sweeper vacuums on the market and it’s also whisper quiet. So we’ll have to shout on its behalf!
March 29 2021 - By Nihan Sevinc Coskun
Many thanks for helping TASKI IntelliSpray be recognised as the ULTIMATE Cleaning Machine.
January 25 2021 - By Nihan Sevinc Coskun
Whether hard floor or carpet the state of your floor says a lot. Poor cleaning regimes mean unhygienic, unsafe floors and carpets that will need replacing more often. Simply bad economics. TASKI machines will make your floors look their best and save you money where it matters most,…. time. Contact your Diversey representative to see […]
January 15 2021 - By Lawrence Osborne
It is no longer just the people with health conditions or those in health care facilities that look for cleaning reassurance. People are increasingly seeking facilities with transparent cleaning practices. TASKI Scrubber Driers deliver unbeatable cleaning. Technologies that go further, designed to deliver cleaning excellence. The ULTIMATE machine. Contact your Diversey representative to see for […]
January 15 2021 - By Lawrence Osborne
Are your cleaning machines hygienic and in good working condition? Get your cleaning machine ready to go back to work. Machines stored incorrectly, cleaned out or not placed on charge may have stalled due to a long period of inactivity during lockdown. For your peace of mind our comprehensive TASKI 25-point health check will provides […]
January 15 2021 - By Lawrence Osborne
Where are you in the evolution of cleaning? Are you still stuck with inefficient and unhygienic mops? Machine cleaning uses less water and less time, leaving floors safe and giving staff more time for other tasks. TASKI Machines use a tenfold increase in pressure to remove 5 times more soilage and 65% more water for […]
January 15 2021 - By Lawrence Osborne
ASKI is committed to helping our customers in any way we can in these difficult times. TASKI Remote Guidance allows us to be there for you, without being there in person. Remote Guidance allows you and a TASKI specialist to meet virtually, in real time. Using local and remote video streams to give and receive […]
January 15 2021 - By Lawrence Osborne
At TASKI we start with expert advice. A suite of electronic tools are available so you can be your own expert. Alternatively call upon the experts for a site survey. We’d be delighted to help you make the right choice. Find out more about Expert Advice and check our Selector tool.
January 15 2021 - By Lawrence Osborne

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