Waar sta je in de evolutie van de schoonmaak?
Dit zijn de belangrijkste redenen waarom machines zoveel beter zijn dan dweilen...

Mechanical Cleaning

For those who want the ultimate cleaning result – compared to mopping, mechanical cleaning is superior in every aspect in achieving excellence in cleaning.


✓ Improved speed – taking up less valuable cleaning time so you can focus on higher risk or more valued cleaning tasks.

✓ Superior cleaning result – machines apply 10 x more cleaning pressure for a better cleaning result, they work faster and leave floors much drier. All in one automated operation.

✓ Safer – machines make your working environment safer. Machines remove 65% more water than wet mopping. Less water = less slips.

✓ Hygienic – machines make your working environment more hygienic. Machines remove 5 x more soilage. Less soilage = less germs.


✓ Better for your staff – machines are more ergonomic and less fatiguing for operatives. They can even chose to ride whilst cleaning!


✓ Lower costs & less waste – machines use less water and less chemicals. Safer + less cost = simply way better!

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