TASKI® ergodisc® HD

Low speed Heavy Duty single disc machine

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Key advantages:

  • Effectiveness

  • Robustness

  • Ergonomics

  • Simplicity


A stiff metal chassis, increased weight of the machine and an extremely

powerful motor deliver excellent mechanical scrubbing action. Ideal for heavy

duty applications, such as  floor stripping, marble crystallization or wood

treatment, the TASKI ergodisc HD delivers best in class e ectiveness. The low

height of the brush housing and motor allows cleaning under obstacles – while

the brush speed of 150 rpm delivers a very even surface texture and reduces

splashing of cleaning solution.



The rugged construction of the machine with a high torque motor makes

it very robust and durable. The planetary gear transmission requires very

little maintenance and eliminates the potential issue of wearing or slipping

transmission belts.



While setting standards in effectiveness, this machine also improves the operator’s working conditions through a number of unique features. The anatomically formed and height adjustable handle has a unique hand protection. In combination with a low vibration level and reduced noise emission this allows for long working hours without tiredness.



Transportation and storage of the machine is very simple, thanks to the large soft wheels, foldable handle and the option to remove the additional weight. Attaching accessories does not require any tools. This reduces the need for operator training to a minimum.

Technical Data

Tool diameter 43 cm (17 inch)
Speed 150 RPM
Motor 230V/50Hz
Nominal consumption 1.1 kW
Weight 54 kg
Option: additional weight 10kg
Cable length 15 meter
Motor height 35 cm
Height of brush housing 8 cm
Protection class II
Test Certificates CB-Protocol
Machine housing/chassis Cast Aluminium
Transmission Planetary Gear

Available Models

TASKI ergodisc HD

Accessories/Additional Parts

Description SKU Number
Extra weight 10kg for ergodisc HD 7518579
Pad drive 43cm 8504410
Scrubbing brush 43cm 8504750
Scrubbing brush washed concrete 43cm 8504800
Scrubbing brush abrasive 43cm 8504780
Water tank 7510031
Drive disc for wood grinding 7515786
Drive disc for marble grinding 8505090
Carrier disc for diamond grinding pads 8503830
An overview of other accessories, brushes, pad drives and pads is available on request


Model and options availability varies by country. Contact your local representative to learn more.