TASKI Sprayer BP15 Li-Ion

Flexible Backpack Sprayer equipped with Li-Ion technology allows efficient disinfection of bigger areas.  

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The new TASKI® Sprayer BP15 Li-Ion combines proven and simple sprayer technology with new and innovative Li-Ion Ion battery technology. This flexible and cost efficient tool allows to spray disinfect bigger areas quickly.


TASKI Sprayer BP15 Li-Ion brings you:


  • Full flexibility and freedom with Li-Ion battery
  • Adjustable sprayer function 60-200 microns
  • Simple and ergonomic to use
  • Highest quality manufactured in Switzerland
  • Stainless steel tube for highest durability

Full flexibility and freedom with Li-Ion battery

The TASKI BP15 sprayer includes latest Li-Ion technology to maximize the flexibility in operations. Its applicable for various areas where spraying is important. With four hours runtime it give a long operational time. The system comes ready to use including battery and charger. Furthermore the battery is part if the global CAS system wher the battery can be also used with other tools.

Adjustable sprayer function with different spray nozzles

The nozzle jet can be changed to have different droplet sizes. Within the package there are two different nozzles included which allows to use the product for different applications and areas in the disinfection and or general cleaning process. The nozzles allowing 60micron and 200micron spray droplets.

Simple and ergonomic to use

Turn it on, put it on your back and discover a new dimension of work. With the back pack battery sprayer, you’ll get anywhere and the built-in battery will allow you to work incredibly long without recharging. And with the lightweight and comfortable design.

Highest quality manufactured in Switzerland

The Sprayer produced in Switzerland is using high quality parts to ensure best performance and a long lifespan. It can be also used
with different chemicals based on the stainless steel lance and the diaphragm pump.


Technical Data

Tank capacity 15 L
Rated voltage 18 V
Pressure adjustable 3 bar
Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery capacity  2.0 Ah
Run time  240
Recharge time 80
Weight with battery  4.5
Sound level <70 dB(A)
Spray tube type Stainless Steel
Number of spray nozzles 2
Droplet size 60/200 microns
Dimensions (L x W x H) 240 x 340 x 570 mm
Approvals CE

Available Models

7524819   TASKI Sprayer BP 15l Li-Ion incl. Bat.
7524820   TASKI Sprayer Li-Ion Battery 18V
7524821   TASKI Sprayer Charger EU 220


Model and options availability varies by country. Contact your local representative to learn more.