TASKI IntelliPower

Introducing Lithium Ion batteries for TASKI scrubber driers. Your peace of mind, best-in-class Total Cost of Ownership option

TASKI IntelliPower delivers peace of mind

TASKI IntelliPower allows you to focus on the things that really matter , no more worrying about batteries! Opportunity charging means the batteries won’t be harmed by stopping the charging process for a quick spot of cleaning. In fact, the machine will always be ready when it is needed. It allows for quick charging, reducing the time spent at the charger significantly from 8-10 to approximately 2 hours. The battery will be back up to 60% in roughly 40 minutes.

TASKI IntelliPower delivers great Total Cost of Ownership

The battery life span is measured in cycles (number of plug-ins into the outlet). Each type of battery has an amount of cycles it will last. TASKI IntelliPower lithium batteries last up to 2500 cycles compared to the widely spread gel batteries, which only last 800 cycles under ideal scenarios and more often only 650 cycles because of poor handling, the lithium batteries last up to 3-4 times as long. In many cases, the batteries will no longer need to be replaced throughout the life span of the machine, thus avoiding the extra battery and replacement cost. Eliminating the need for batteries also gives you full cost control and long-term savings.

When comparing the Total Cost of Ownership of lithium batteries compared to gel batteries, lithium batteries have a clear advantage.

Let’s take an example:

A swingo 855 is used once per day for 45 minutes for 5 years. This scenarios requires a total of 4 sets of traditional gel batteries, whereas only 1 IntelliPower battery is required. Then you can save up to 1200€ on battery spent or 25% of you combined machine and battery cost. Additionally, TASKI IntelliPower offers a better, more direct response time and more constant power delivery throughout the shift. Typical gel batteries lose speed and responsiveness towards the end of the shift.

TASKI IntelliPower offers a 4% overall efficiency increase which may result in 1000€ labor cost savings over 5 years.*


Key Advantages

Opportunity Charging

Quick Plug-ins for partial charges will not damage the batteries.

Charging in breaks can even extend the total range.

Fast Charging

Batteries will be fully charged in approximately 2 hours instead of more than 10 hours.

If the battery is low, getting it back to 60% happens very quickly.

Life Span & No Maintenance

Lithium-Ion batteries will last between 2000-2500 cycles.

Allowing the battery to last as long as the machine under normal conditions.

The batteries are maintenance free.

More Range

Depending on the configuration, the range can also be extended significantly.

In any case, the range will always be similar or more compared to conventional batteries.

Multiple charges per day will extend it by a large margin


TCO & Efficiency

Lithium batteries offer great TCO (up to 25% savings on machine + battery) and increased

efficiency of the machine (+4%) due to higher and more constant power output.