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A UK based healthcare provider wanted to improve its occupancy rates and improve the environment for its residents.

“Our organization has a duty of care to its residents, we seek out both family & residents feedback. They tell us hygiene is in their top 3 factors which are important to them and their families. We do everything we can to uphold the highest standards. Moving to HEPA filters fitted throughout our vacuum fleet was a decision we made to improve air quality not just in clinical areas. We also chose the ultra-low noise TASKI AERO to minimize patient disruption”.

A healthcare group in Europe needed to deal with increasing numbers of residents with HAIs. In addition to caring for vulnerable residents extra measures were deployed in hygiene standards

“Healthcare acquired infections (HAI) are under control within our facilities. Through rigorous training and strict checks our cleaning equipment and machines are either laundered or decontaminated after every cleaning shift. Yellow cleaning points and easy to remove parts were a key element in why we chose TASKI.”.

A European private healthcare group consulted with Diversey to understand better how it could upgrade its cleaning methods and processes.

“Our residents are often vulnerable and unsteady on their feet. We do everything to ensure floors are not just clean but hygienically clean and always left completely dry. It was a conscious decision to move away from mopping and completely mechanise our floor cleaning to ensure our floors are dry and safer for the public. We have even a machine to replace our old mops!”.

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