+40%More autonomy
per charge
+40%More autonomy
per tank fill
-76%Water & chemical
+25%Savings with
IntelliTrail 2.0/IntelliPredict
taski ultimaxx
poster image mobile
poster image mobile

Dynamically adjust brush
pressure to extend battery
autonomy time by more
than 40%


Reduce water consumption
by as much as 76%


A touch screen interface
that integrates icons
and interactive
information to guide
a user to the settings,
results and metrics
they need.


See how easy the multi
touch interface makes
planning and analysing
your daily clean

Click on icons to find out more


Is our patented precision
dosing control system
integrated directly into
the machine it delivers
operational efficiencies
exceeding 40%

How can IntelliDose
save the planet?

The IntelliDose system calculates and delivers the optimal amount of chemical for any task or floor type, ensuring superior cleaning while controlling and reducing chemical consumption. The disposable pouches can be swapped out effortlessly, improving safety and ease of use. Our unique approach maximizes effectiveness and simplifies your operation—taking your cleaning to a new level

  • Less water – IntelliFlow’s water flow automatically matches water to cleaning speed to reduce refills and unproductive time.
  • Less chemical - IntelliDose+ automatic chemical dilution means reduced overdosing is eliminated by as much as 76%.
  • Less wastage - chemicals are uniquely dosed just to the floor, never added to water tank. 0% chemical wastage.
  • Less packaging - IntelliDose super concentrated chemical pouches reduce packaging by 90%.
  • Less time - less refills means less downtime. With more m2/ft2 covered per tank, the number of refills can be halved.
  • Less cost – with less water, zero wastage and overdosing completely eliminated, IntelliDose+ & IntelliFlow save you money every day.

Not just a sustainable choice also a smart choice.

IntelliTrail & IntelliPredict

A digital ecosystem for managing fleets and predicting service needs

How are IntelliTrail
and IntelliPredict

This next generation of technology records, stores and communicates many data points during operation. Customers can understand the use and operation of their machine fleet in a way that has never been available. This leads to a new to the world proactive uptime management with predictive maintenance. Delivering better insight, better informed changes which ultimately lead to better performance.

The new TASKI Augmented Reality service & maintenance tool makes maintenance and troubleshooting easy. It even shows engineers how to quickly fix common faults and make repairs. Together they combine to deliver savings of up to 25% in service and downtime costs.

Patented Technologies
delivering superior
productivity, cleaning
excellence, lower cost
of ownership
& infection

IntelliTrail 2.0
Single rotary
Double rotary
Orbital deck
Double roller
LED lights
Speed Control


Smart NFC technology to control access and the rights of individual users. This means the machine is always ready for the right job when the right person activates it. Ensuring maximum efficiency and minimizing misuse.


Allows users to switch on and
go. Predefined, user-assigned,
cleaning methods and
parameters mean that whatever
a user needs a machine for, it
can be ready at the touch of a

How can IntelliZone
add value?

All IntelliZone parameters are displayed through the intuitive touch screen. Parameters such as water, pressure and speed can be totally customized and access levels protected. Parameters are quickly set for optimum cleaning applications especially useful for areas where special attention is key. Cleaning excellence has never been so easily achieved. A unique and dedicated Twister button is even available.

A Brush designed for every environment

Click each brush deck to see how ULTIMAXX delivers the ultimate clean for all environments

Intuitive and ergonomic design
for a machine that is as unique and flexible as your
business 10,000+ possible combinations

A squeegee engineered
to collect almost
100% of water

Interactive 3D Model

Try out our 3D modelling to see for yourself all the smart design and innovative technologies.

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