Brushes and Pads

TASKI by Diversey offers pads and brushes for a diverse range of applications, from cleaning, waxing and buffing to stripping.

TASKI Brushes

Available brushes and pads

  • Dry Foam Shampoo Brush

    Used with the TASKI foam generator, it features five center-fed channels in the brush to deliver low moisture foam shampoo to the carpet. Available only for the TASKI Ergodisc 175 and Ergodisc 200 single disc machines.

  • Hard Nylon Scrubbing Brushes

    Used for all normal wet scrubbing applications. Available for all TASKI auto scrubbers.

  • Wet Shampoo Brush

    This brush is used with the TASKI solution tank for delivery of liquid, center-fed solution to the carpet surface. The solution falls on a plastic plate in the center of the brush and is distributed equally around the brush bristles where it is agitated into a foam to wet shampoo the carpet. Available for only the TASKI Ergodisc 175 and Ergodisc 200 single disc machines.

  • Pad Holder (Drive Disc)

    This allows the operator to attach a wide range of cleaning pads with varying abrasive loads to meet floor cleaning criteria and produce the desired results. Available for all machines except the swingo 150.

  • Soft Nylon Scrubbing Brushes with Staggered Bristle Trim

    Used for exposed aggregate surfaces, uneven layered flooring, grouted tiles, etc. The uneven and staggered cut of the bristle allows this brush to clean both high and low points in the floor surface. Available for all TASKI automatic scrubbers.

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TASKI Contact Pads are pads for high quality cleaning on all different types of TASKI machines on all water resistant floors. The TASKI Contact Pads' active fibers loosen pore-deep dirt by separation, not through an abrasive scrubbing action.

Simple and easy in use as only one pad is needed for all smooth, rough and structured floors. Even with low product dosing, TASKI Contact Pads’ polyester active fibers effortlessly remove water soluble and greasy dirt from tile floors with grouting and structured floors. On structured floors, the TASKI Contact Pad is a genuine problem solver: All structures are cleaned on the surfaces as well as horizontally and vertically.

  • Key Advantages
    • One pad for all floors
    • Easy and simple to use
    • Save time by using only one pad
    • Last up to three times longer