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swingo 350 B BMS Li-Ion

Available Types - E/B and Li-Ion

With its efficient roller brush the swingo 350 is brilliant for cleaning in corners and along walls.

Perfect for washrooms and kitchens.

Key Features

10L tank capacity
35cm working width
Roller brush system
Electric/Gel/Li-Ion battery options

Key Benefits

High mechanical scrubbing action and excellent water pick for safe clean floors
Low profile to reach under fixtures and fittings
Squared and offset for excellent cleaning right up to edges and in corners
Ergonomically adjustable/folding handle and hand protection for operator safety
Electric or cable free on-board chargers with either maintenance free gel or Li-Ion battery options

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7523988 Li-Ion battery set 25.2V 29Ah
7518532 Active Fibre pad roll (optional)
7516864 Brush hard (optional)
7516863 Brush standard (supplied with machine)

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