Healthcare AcuteAvete bisogno di mantenere il vostro ospedale sicuro e igienico per<strong> ridurre le infezioni?</strong>
TASKI può aiutare.

Quali sono le sue sfide prioritarie?

Cosa dicono i nostri clienti

La qualità dell'aria interna (IAQ) è stata studiata da un gruppo ospedaliero statunitense come <strong>area di miglioramento</strong>.

“The hospital has a duty of care to its patients, we seek out their feedback. They tell us hygiene is in their top 3 factors which are important to them. We do everything we can to uphold the highest standards. Moving to HEPA filters fitted throughout our vacuum fleet was a decision we made to improve air quality not just in clinical areas. We also chose the ultra low noise TASKI AERO to minimize patient disruption”.

Un ospedale tedesco alla ricerca di <strong>tassi di infezione</strong> ancora più <strong>bassi</strong> ha esaminato più a fondo il modo in cui le sue attrezzature di pulizia sono mantenute

“We have worked hard to keep Health care Acquired Infections (HAI) under control in this hospital. Cleaning and disinfecting our cleaning equipment after every shift is now a standard operating procedure. TASKI yellow cleaning points and easy to remove maintenance parts were a key element in why we chose TASKI”.

A large Spanish city hospital decided to mechanise their cleaning after evaluating risks to the public from slip fall.

“The public who use this hospital are often vulnerable so we do everything to ensure floors are not just clean but hygienically clean and always left completely dry. It was a conscious decision to move away from mopping and completely mechanise our floor cleaning to ensure our floors are dry and safer for the public. TASKI provides a solution for every floor in every part of the hospital”.

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