Innovation & Sustainability

From day one, Diversey has delivered the most innovative and sustainable cleaning solutions in the industry, leading the world toward a cleaner, healthier future. Some of our innovations include:


IntelliDose™ for TASKI swingo scrubber driers

From the leading expert in building care solutions, TASKI IntelliDose™ is a chemical dilution system for TASKI swingo scrubber driers that will help you to achieve consistently high cleaning results, control your cost and simplify your machine operation.

Maximum result at predictable costs

  • 100% dilution accuracy with no over- or under-dosing result in predictable chemical consumption
  • Selection of different products for different tasks - meeting all  requirements of various floors and application areas
  • High quality and consistence of cleaning result - avoid floor damage caused by wrong product

Simplicity & Safety

  • No manual dosing required - just fill the machine with water and start cleaning
  • Secure handling due to closed pouches - no operator contact with chemicals
  • Simple pouch change - acoustic warning signal indicates when pouch is empty


  • 5 times less chemistry used result in less storage space and 90% packaging material reduction
  • Less chemistry consumption by avoiding overdosing
  • No waste of unused cleaning solution when draining the tank


Diversey has developed a patented system called IntelliFlow™: With the patented IntelliFlow™ system, exactly the right amount of cleaning solution is dosed onto the floor, depending on how fast the machine is going. When you go round corners, you slow down and therefore less solution is dosed. This leads to significantly less water consumption and therefore a reduction of time consuming tank filling stops which reduces labor costs. In addition IntelliFlow™ prevents the creation of puddles in curves and turns.


  • Higher efficiency and labour cost savings
  • Consistently dry floor (no manual mopping of puddles) water and chemicals savings (with positive effect on cost and sustainability)
  • Example: A machine with a 50 litre tank and IntelliFlow™ equals a conventional machine with a 65-75 litres tank

W-shaped Contour Squeegee

The Contour squeegee leaves the floor totally dry. This feature allows use of the machine at any time of the day, while reducing the potential risk of slip fall accidents caused by wet floors.

  • 3 caster wheel concept allows the squeegee to perfectly follow the floor profile
  • Automatically adjusts to different floor types; manual adjustment is now a thing of the past
  • Direct suction enables the pick up of smaller pieces of debris, such as cigarette butts
  • Excellent drying on all floor types, even on structured floors and grouted/tiled floors