TASKI® swingo 955 B

Efficiency meets agility

Key Features

  • Agility and high performance
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Excellent cleaning and drying results
  • Simple to use and easy maintenance

Agility and highest cleaning performance

  • The swingo 955 B is very easy to handle, the dual-axle system allows turning on the spot and offers maximum agility and manoeuvrability for use in confined and tightly congested areas. The brush unit with the 2 brushes gives unbeaten cleaning performance and efficiency, especially when picking up of debris. The brush unit is off set to the right allowing for easy cleaning along walls and shelves.

Lowest total cost of ownership

  • The small size of the machine makes it agile and easy to handle. This, combined with its wide working width means time savings can be made during cleaning operations. This and the low investment cost mean very low total cost of ownership for you.

Excellent cleaning and drying results

  • The machine’s patented brush follows the floor profile and delivers nearly even pressure allocation along the full working width, which leads to excellent soil removal. The patented V-shaped squeegee enables excellent water pick-up on the floor. The proven three wheel concept means squeegee adjustments are no longer needed.

Simple to use and easy maintenance

  • All components needing frequent maintenance are color- coded in yellow and can be removed easily without tools. The dashboard is self-explanatory and displays all relevant information. These features allow trouble-free operation and require minimum operator training.

Technical Data

Theoretical performance 2475 m2/h
Working width 55 cm
Squeegee width 80 cm
Solution tank (nominal) 40 l
Recovery tank (nominal) 40 l
Nominal consumption 1000 W
Rated voltage 24 V
Battery capacity 70 Ah/CE
Battery autonomy 2 hours
Machine weight ready to use 179 kg
Dimensions (L x B x H) 118x60x115 cm
Brush system 2x 28 cm
Brush pressure max. 40 kg
Machine width (without squeegee) 58 cm
Working speed (power) 4.5 km/h
Sound level < 70 dB(A)

Available Models

TASKI swingo 955 B Power
TASKI swingo 955 B Power BMS UK
TASKI swingo 955 B Power BMS EURO
TASKI swingo 955 B Power BMS SEV
TASKI swingo 955 B Power BMS DK
TASKI swingo 955 B Power BMS NA

Accessories/Additional Parts

TASKI IntelliDose swingo 955
Driving disc 28 cm
Scrubbing brush nylon Standard 28 cm
Scrubbing brush washed concrete 28 cm
Filling hose
Battery traction block 12V 76Ah/5 (2x)


Model and options availability varies by country. Contact your local representative to learn more.