TASKI® swingo 350 B Li Ion

Ultra-compact automatic scrubber drier powered by Li Ion technology

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Maximum autonomy

  • The new Li Ion batteries increase the battery autonomy significantly to more than 1 hour and lead to more flexible use of machine and more efficient cleaning operation.

Increased productivity

  • Li Ion batteries allow opportunistic charging without forcing the operator to wait until battery fully loads – the machine can be used anytime, even if the batteries are not fully charged.

Higher ergonomics

  • The Li Ion batteries are significantly lighter than gel batteries which results in a lightweight machine which is easy to carry and transport to multiple site.

Improved TCO

  • Ensuring a longer lifetime of the batteries with more than 1000 cycles and the resistance to opportunistic charging improves operational efficiency of our customer ultimately reducing total cost of ownership of TASKI machine.

Technical Data

Theoretical performance 1140m2/h (12,271 ft /h)
Working width 15 inch (38 cm)
Squeegee width 22 inch (55 cm)
Solution tank (nominal) 3 gallon (10 l)
Recovery tank (nominal) 3 gallon (10 l)
Rated voltage 25.2 V
Battery capacity 29 Ah
Battery autonomy (nominal) > 1 hour
Machine weight ready for use 50 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 31 x 18 x 17 inches (79 x 45 x 43 cm)
Brush pressure (max) 37 lbs (17 kg)
Sound level <70 dB(A)

Available Models

TASKI® swingo 350 B BMS EURO Li-Ion
TASKI® swingo 350 B BMS SEV Li-Ion

Accessories/Additional Parts

Cylindrical brush standard 38 cm
Cylindrical brush hard 38 cm
Active fibre padroll


Model and options availability varies by country. Contact your local representative to learn more.