TASKI® swingo 2100μicro

The new TASKI swingo 2100μicro represents an evolution in micro ride on scrubber driers. It combines compact design with an unchallenged performance and high flexibility for operations beyond traditional boundaries.

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Key Features

  • Unrivalled performance
  • Advanced design
  • Intelligent total solution

Unrivalled performance

  • The updated TASKI swingo 2100μicro offers unrivalled performance, benefiting from the combination of speed, small footprint, agility and large tank size. A totally new design of offset cleaning function allows reduction of manual work and seamless cleaning in large and small areas with the highest possible cleaning result and supporting a low total cost of ownership. The small footprint of the machine allows fitting into all common elevators enabling the opportunity to use the machine on all floors of a site.

Advanced design

  • Performance has only real value when safety is not compromised. TASKI swingo 2100µicro combines great overview, ergonomic working and high safety standards, benefiting from a protective tank design, active sitting concept and many other safety features. Simple and efficient machine preparation and maintenance increases operational efficiency and reduces need for time consuming operator training.

Intelligent total solution

  • TASKI swingo 2100µicro revolutionizes todays cleaning process and improves your operational efficiency. The combination of a large variety of options, accessories and tools (TASKI IntelliDose, TASKI IntelliTrail, TASKI AquaStop, ToolHolder concept) allows individual adaptation to your needs, helping you achieve improvement of your total cost of ownership.

TASKI swingo 2100µicro can also be upgraded with TASKI IntelliSpray, which facilitates both mechanical floor cleaning and the disinfection of floors or surfaces in just one application. For details click here.

Technical Data

Theoretical performance 3025 m2/h
Theoretical performance per tank 5000 m2/h
Working width 55cm
Offset function 14cm
Squeegee width 63cm
Solution/Recovery tank (nominal) 75L/75L
Rated voltage 24 V
Nominal consumption 1440 W
Battery run time <4h
Machine weight net 185Kg
Machine weight - ready to use (without operator) 380Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 138x58x128cm
Brush system 2x28cm
Brush pressure maximum up to 57 kg
Brush speed 165 rpm
Cleaning speed speed <5.5Km/h
Sound level 70dB(A)
Approvals GS, CB/II

Available Models

TASKI swingo 2100μicro BMS EURO
TASKI swingo 2100μicro

Accessories/Additional Parts

Description Description
TASKI IntelliDose TASKI swingo 2100 μicro Scrubbing brush 28
TASKI IntelliTrail Scrubbing abrasive 28
TASKI swingo 2100 μicro TASKI AquaStop Scrubbing brush 28 for washed concrete
TASKI swingo 2100 μicro Tool Holder Base - Large Driving disc 28 harpoon grip
TASKI swingo 2100 μicro Tool Holder Base - Small TASKI IntelliSpray
Kit wet vacuum cleaning standard TASKI Twister Pad 28 cm/ 11"
TASKI vertica TASKI Contact Pad 28 cm/ 11"
Filling hose with univ. water coupling TASKI Twister HT Pad 28 cm/ 11" Orange
TASKI swingo 2100μicro long draining hose TASKI Twister HT Pad 28 cm/ 11" Blue
Battery Traction 6V, 180 Ah/5 TASKI Intellipad 28 cm/ 11"
Battery Traction 6MT 105 12V TASKI WipeOut Pad 28 cm/ 11"
BMS (Battery Management System): The optional on-board charger prevents deep discharging of the battery and monitors the charging process. It is available for up to 240 Ah gel batteries only.
IntelliFlow™: The IntelliFlow™ system allows for a speed-dependent supply of cleaning solution. This feature ensures that the amount of solution dosed onto the floor is always constant – no matter how fast the machine is operating. The result? No puddles in curves and turns as well as significant savings in cleaning solution, leading to significantly increased productivity of the machine.
ECO mode: ECO refers to energy saving by reducing the suction power with a simultaneous noise reduction of the suction motor that allows for day time cleaning in noise sensitive environments like hospitals.
IntelliDose™: IntelliDose™ is a chemical dilution system that will help you to achieve consistently high cleaning results, control your cost and simplify your machine operation, and to avoid overdosing.
START/STOP program: All machine settings like solution flow level, brush pressure, ECO mode etc. are stored when finishing your cleaning operation with this button and are recalled for starting your further operation. This feature ensures an immediate start with mostly same cleaning operations.


Model and options availability varies by country. Contact your local representative to learn more.