TASKI® swingo 150 B Li Ion

The small and compact TASKI swingo 150 is available as battery version powered by Li Ion technology

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Key Features

  • Highest flexibility due to exchangable Li-Ion battery
  • Easy cleaning of confined areas
  • Perfect cleaning results and immediately dry floors
  • Easy storage

Highest flexibility due to Li-Ion technology

  • The battery driven small scrubber drier is designed for flexible use an perfectly suitable for quick cleaning / spot cleaning of reception areas, in washrooms, small shops and restaurants. The batteries last 20 min but can easily be replaced by the operator, which leads to unlimited battery autonomy. The floor is left clean and perfectly dry, without any risk of slip fall accidents on wet floor or stumbling upon the cable.
  • Li-Ion technology allows quick charging as well as intermediate charging
    which increases the flexibility of use of machine significantly.

Easy cleaning of confined areas

  • With the unique low height brush unit, the TASKI swingo 150 B Li-Ion allows quick and easy access under furniture. The machine is very light weight and can easily be transported, where conventional automatic scrubber driers are simply too heavy and manual cleaning methods do not deliver the required hygienic results.

Best cleaning results and immediately dry floors

  • High mechanical scrubbing action and a pressure ten times higher compared to manual cleaning ensure best cleaning results.  
  • The industry-leading suction unit results in perfectly dry floors – in both directions. Cleaned areas can be used immediately, and safety is improved by reducing the risk of slip-fall accidents.

Easy storage

  • With very compact dimensions, the TASKI swingo 150 B Li-Ion is easy to store and will fit in the smallest of spaces. Comfortable handles make it easy to lift and transport up stairs.

Technical Data

Working width 33.5 cm
Squeegee width 35.5 cm
Solution tank 2.6 L
Recovery tank 2.9 L
Nominal consumption 520 W
Rated voltage 36 V
Brush rotation speed 1,700 rpm
Machine weight empty w/out battery 11.9 kg
Machine weight with battery 13.1 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 43 x 38 x 112 cm
Sound pressure level 74 dB(A)
Battery autonomy 20 min
Charging time 1.5 hours

Available Models

TASKI swingo 150 B Li-Ion

Accessories/Additional Parts

TASKI Li-Ion battery 36V 6Ah
TASKI charger set swingo 150 NA
TASKI charger set swingo 150 EUR
TASKI charger set swingo 150 UNI
Activefibre Padroll for swingo 150
Cylindrical brush standard
Cylindrical brush hard
Exchange squeegee kit
Description of Features
Integrated tank: Both the solution and recovery tank are integrated in one unique container. The removable tank can be quickly lifted off for draining or refilling. Due to its wide opening, the tank can be easily cleaned. The tank includes a dosing aid for correct solution dosing.
Sustainable solutions: Compared to bucket cleaning, the TASKI swingo 150 B Li-Ion needs 50% less water and chemicals. The machine can be 100% recycled.
For professional use: The TASKI swingo 150 B Li-Ion is designed for reliable operation. The chassis, made of high impact ABS, is durable and strong.
Easy maintenance: The brush can be changed without tools quickly and easily to reduce downtime and service costs.


Model and options availability varies by country. Contact your local representative to learn more.