TASKI® aquamat 10.1

Compact spray extraction machine

Key Features

  • Excellent deep cleaning results
  • Quick and effective spot cleaning
  • Ease of transportation
  • Complete range of accessories

Excellent deep cleaning results

  • Deep cleaning through spray extraction is the ultimate way of thoroughly cleaning your carpets. It increases the lifetime of your carpets by removing ingrained dirt whilst maintaining the high appearance levels of your carpet .

Quick and effective spot cleaning

  • Keep this machine at hand to tackle any accidents. Together with the optional hand tool accessory and professional stain removal products, disruptions are minimised and efficiently dealt with.

Ease of transportation

  • Due to its modular design, light weight and compact size, the TASKI aquamat 10.1 can easily be transported between locations.

Complete range of accessories

  • The spray device can be used to pre-spray carpet detergent before deep cleaning, maximising cleaning results. The optional 12 cm hand nozzle facilitates deep cleaning of upholstery, stairs and other hard-to-reach areas. The carpet pile brush lifts the carpet fibres and gives the entire surface a uniform, even appearance and reduces drying time.

Technical Data

Solution tank 10 L
Recovery tank 10 L
Maximum airflow 41 L/s
Vacuum 18 kPa
Dimensions (LxWxH) 380x380x600 mm
Weight 12 kg
Nominal consumption 900 W
Sound level 66 dB(A)
Cable length 10 m
Protection class II
Approvals CE/CB Test cert./ÖVE/SEV

Available Models

TASKI aquamat 10.1

Accessories/Additional Parts

Description SKU Number
Spray extraction tool with hose (2.2 m) and fixed nozzle 8505140
Spray extraction tool with hose (2.2 m) and flexible nozzle 8505160
Hard floor tool set with hose (2.2 m) and hard floor bristle 7512446
Hand nozzle (12 cm) 8505150
Spray pressure bottle (7.6 L) 7500780
Spray lance with extra-long hose (6 m) 8503920
Replacement bristle wreath for hard floor tool set 7511614


Model and options availability varies by country. Contact your local representative to learn more.