TASKI® swingo XP-R/XP-M

Your productivity just got extended.

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The new generation of TASKI swingo XP machines delivers the comfort of stand-on cleaning with unmatched visibility around the machine. The battery operated scrubber driers perform with unsurpassed agility offering he manoeuvrability of a much smaller machine and unbeatable cleaning performance.

TASKI swingo XP-R – Round disc cleaning for customers requiring intensive heavy duty cleaning.

TASKI swingo XP-M - Micro rotational cleaning for customers requiring maximum autonomy

Key Features

  • Rugged, ergonomic design maintaining a professional image and increasing operator satisfaction
  • Easy get on get off
  • Total 360 degrees visibility around machine
  • Larger solution tank capacity increasing productivity up to 10%
  • Next generation electronics and software providing best-in-class driving experience
  • Compatible with TASKI Intellitrail Intelligent GPS Fleet Tracking system
  • Yellow maintenance points for easy everyday maintenance
  • Excellent cleaning and drying results for safe floors
  • Reduced water and energy consumption compared to standard scrubbers
  • Automatic cut out if operator steps off machine

TASKI swingo XP-R are engineered for sustainability through conservative use of water, chemicals and energy use.

Technical Data

Theoretical performance (48,430 ft2/h) 4500m2/h
Working width 29.5 inch (75 cm)
Squeegee width 37.4 inch (95 cm)
Solution tank (nominal) 24.8 gallons (113 l)
Recovery tank (nominal) 30.8 gallons (140 l)
Rated voltage 24 V
Battery capacity (max) 180 Ah/C5
Nominal consumption 1,200 W
Battery capacity (max) 195 Ah/C5
Battery run time 3 h 15 min
Machine weight net 456 lbs (207 kg)
Machine weight ready for use (w/o driver) 996 lbs (452 kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 52 x 37 x 51 inches
(131 x 95 x 130 cm)
Door pass through width (w/o squeegee) 32 inch (80 cm)
Brush system 2 units 0.8 x 15 inches (2 x 38 cm)
Micro-rotation speed of brushes 165 rpm
Brush pressure min–max 0.16 - 0.25 N/cm2
Cleaning speed 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h)
Sound level 69 dB(A)

Available Models

TASKI swingo XP-R


TASKI IntelliDose kit for XP Pad drive harpoon grip 38 cm
Filling hose with universal coupling Scrubbing brush standard 38 cm
Pad drive harpoon grip 450 mm Scrubbing brush washed concrete 38 cm
Scrubbing brush Nylon 450 mm Scrubbing brush abrasive 38 cm
Scrubbing brush Nylon hard 450 mm Scrubbing brush water saving 38 cm
Scrubbing brush abrassive 450 mm TASKI Americo Pad 15” Black
TASKI Americo S-Pad Black TASKI Americo Pad 15” Brown
TASKI Americo S-Pad Brown TASKI Americo Pad 15” Green
TASKI Americo S-Pad Green TASKI Americo Pad 15” Red
TASKI Americo S-Pad Red TASKI Americo Pad 15” White
TASKI Americo S-Pad White TASKI IntelliPad 15”
TASKI IntelliPad S-Pad Diamond pad 450 mm
Contact pad 450 mm  
Description of Features  
BMS (Battery Management System) An internal monitoring system prevents deep discharging of the batteries. LED Battery display allows the operator to visually check condition of battery charge.
IntelliFlow™ The IntelliFlow™ system allows for a speed-dependent supply of cleaning solution. This feature ensures that the amount of solution dosed onto the flooor is always constant—no matter how fast the machine is operating. The result? No puddles in curves and turns as well as significant savings in cleaning solution, leading to significantly increased productivity of the machine.
Patented squeegee The unique “W” shape with dual pickup hoses continuously self-adjusts to the flooring surfaces and delivers a dry floor without “trail mopping.” Easy on/off squeegee.


Model and options availability varies by country. Contact your local representative to learn more.