TASKI® swingo 2500

Large ride-on, 28 inch (70 cm)auto scrubber features easy handling even in narrow and congested areas, and an innovative squeegee system that quickly dries floors.

Key Features

  • Unbeatable cleaning performance
  • Unique ergonomics
  • Reliability and durability
  • Unrivaled productivity

Unbeatable cleaning performance

  • A patented all wheel steering system defines new standards in maneuverability; allowing the use of this ride-on machine even in narrow and congested areas. The innovative squeegee concept ensures a nearly perfect edge-to-edge water pick up even in curves and while turning.

Unique ergonomics

  • The machine offers a seated operating position coupled with a high working speed. The extremely low noise level, which is comparable to the noise level of a vacuum cleaner, makes work more enjoyable and allows for day cleaning.

Reliability and durability

  • Fewer mechanical parts and a robust construction makes this machine very reliable. Easily exchangeable brushes and squeegee blades allow simple maintenance and ensures the machine can be easily prepared for use at any time.

Unrivaled productivity

  • A higher cleaning speed of 5 mph (8 km/h) combined with the patented IntelliFlow™ make the TASKI swingo 2500 ride-on auto scrubber significantly more productive compared to walk-behind auto scrubbers.

Technical Data

Description swingo 2500
Theoretical performance 5,250 m2/h
56 500 f2/h
Working width 28 inch (70 cm)
Squeegee width 37 inch (93 cm)
Solution tank-bag system (nominal) 25 gallons (95 l)
Recovery tank-bag system (nominal) 25 gallons (95 l)
Rated voltage 24 V
Nominal consumption 2,000 W
Battery capacity (max) 240–290 Ah/C5
Battery run time (nominal) 3–5 h
Machine weight ready for use (w/o driver) 1,235 lbs (560 kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (w/o squeegee) 31 x 67 x 54 inches
(78 x 169 x 137 cm)
Brush pressure (maximum) 115–163 lbs
(52–74 kg)
Cleaning speed 5 mph
(8 km/h)
Transportation speed 6 mph
(9.0 km/h)
Sound level 67 dB(A)
Wheel diameter none
Turning circle 7 feet (2 m)

Available Models

TASKI swingo 2500
TASKI swingo 2500 with option

Accessories/Additional Parts

Drive discs 14 inch (35 cm)  
Hard nylon brush 14 inch (35 cm)  
Wash concrete brush 14 inch (35 cm)  
Pro-grit abrasive brush 14inch (35 cm)  
IntelliFlow™ The IntelliFlow™ system allows for a speed-dependent supply of cleaning solution. This feature ensures that the amount of solution dosed onto the floor is always constant—no matter how fast the machine is operating. The result? No puddles in curves and turns as well as significant savings in cleaning solution, leading to significantly increased productivity of the machine.


Model and options availability varies by country. Contact your local representative to learn more.