Steam & vacuum continuous 4.5 bar

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• Continuous fill boiler
• Compact and lightweight
• Powerful 4.5 Bar pressure
• Integral vacuum

Continuous fill

This machine has a continuous fill boiler feature, safer for the operator and less down time in waiting for the boiler to heat up. Longer run time ensures higher productivity.

Compact and lightweight

The smallest and lightest model, making the machine very ergonomic to use and easy to transport and move from location to location. Resulting in maximum use of the machine for many steam applications.

Powerful 4.5 bar pressure

Small but powerful enough for either domestic or commercial environments, designed using the best commercial components to deliver the power to achieve the desired results.

Integral in vacuum

With the vacuum facility, surfaces are left virtually dry and allows for a quick two-in-one process clean, reducing time. The 12 litre collection tank can double up in emergencies as a wet pick up maximising the machine features and less storage space required.

Technical Data

Steam only Yes
Vacuum Yes
Detergent No
Working Width 30 cm
Reservoir tank 5 Liter
Vacuum Tank 12 Liter
Pressure 8 bar
Boiler wattage 3000
Machine weight (empty) 25 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 57 X 40 X 82 cm with handle
Vacuum motor  850 W
Vacuum tank 12 Liter
Boiler Capacity 1.8 Liter
Rated voltage 220/240 V 50 Hz 

Available Models

7524812   TASKI Steam SV4 with Kit EUR
7524838   TASKI Steam SV4 with Kit SEV
7523487   TASKI Steam SV4 with Kit UK

Accessories/Additional Parts

2.5m steam & vacuum hose
300mm floor brush
300mm squeegee insert
250mm glass washer
Round polyester detail brush (small push fit) x 5
Round brass detail brush (small push fit) x 5
Upholstery suction tool
Crevice tool
Short steam lance
95mm triangular brush x 1
Description of Features
Wheel locks: Machine is fitted with castors complete with wheel locks, for stability when used on uneven surfaces
Fixed basket: Supplied with fixed basket for safe keeping and storage of all accessories and hose
Vacuum facility: The facility enables a safe and efficient removal of all water and waste residue from surface, leaving all areas instantly clean and dry
Model and options availability varies by country. Contact your local representative to learn more.