TASKI IntelliSpray

The new TASKI IntelliSpray technology facilitates both mechanical floor cleaning and the disinfection of floors or surfaces in just one application.

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TASKI IntelliSpray for swingo 2100, 4000, 5000

Designed for use with TASKI ride-on scrubber drier for maximum productivity and efficiency. The TASKI IntelliSpray also has an integrated hand spray tool to for manual disinfection of surfaces for complete flexibility. Integrated with IntelliTrail telemetry for full audit transparency and due diligence. Using a smart modular design TASKI IntelliSpray is available as retrofit for existing machines or can be specified with new TASKI ride-on machines. 

TASKI IntelliSpray brings you:

• Two applications combined for unrivalled hygiene standards
• Full flexibility and efficiency for use with TASKI ride on scrubbers
• Full functionality for both floor and surface disinfection
• Extend your process and clean and disinfect areas up to 5000 m2
• Have full transparency and documentation with IntelliTrail

Combine the process for unrivalled hygiene

The IntelliSpray unit can be activated in combination with the scrubbing deck
with the additional 20L disinfection tank for the disinfectant. This guarantees
excellent cleaning results combined with direct disinfection of surfaces.
This will uplift the level of hygiene and the floor appearance to a new level
of cleaning & disinfection excellence.

Full flexibility and efficiency for TASKI ride on scrubbers

The new IntelliSpray kit is a fully integrated solution and available as retrofit option or pre-installed at production for new TASKI ride-on scrubber driers. The newly designed IntelliSpray unit combines floor and surface disinfection. It can be also deactivated if not needed and the machine used as scrubber only. Combining two applications will generate operational savings but still maintain a high level of flexibility.

Full functionality for floor and surface disinfection

The IntelliSpray unit has its own 20L disinfectant canister which can be swapped out in seconds with another prepared 20L canister. The smart design of the TASKI IntelliSpray incorporates two side nozzles and a hand tool so surfaces and hard to reach areas can also be effectively disinfected. Additional spray tools are unnecessary. 

Have full transparency and documentation with IntelliTrail

Process control and transparency of due diligence is critical in times where process change needs to implemented fast. TASKI’s integrated IntelliTrail connected fleet management solution delivers real-time data tracking 24/7 and full audit trail.

Technical Data

Machine compatibility swingo 2100/4000/5000
Retrofit on existing ride-on machines yes
Tank with Disinfectant  20 L 
Solution flow rate 400 ml/min
Solution flow rate side spray 280 ml/min
Solution distribution at ‘Turtle Speed’ (2.8 km/h) 10ml/m2
Estimated coverage at ‘Turtle Speed’ (2.8 km/h) 2000 m2
Voltage 24 V
Average Droplet size 65 micron
Floor sprayer 3 stainless steel nozzles
Side sprayer 2 stainless steel nozzles
Hand spray tool Integrated
Connected fleet management Integrated
Dimension LxWxH 370 x 510 x 960 mm
Weight 8 kg
Insulation class II 
Approvals CE

Available Models

7524817   TASKI IntelliSpray Kit swingo 2100μicro   
7524818   TASKI IntelliSpray Kit swingo 4000/5000


Model and options availability varies by country. Contact your local representative to learn more.